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About Me

Hey! I'm Bjorn.

Born & raised in the Twin Cities, I began my professional photography career working at a portrait studio as a teen-ager. I was surrounded by talented photographers who inspired my curiosity, & helped me begin finding my artistic voice.  And since I also began training in dance as a child,  decades (and a professional performance career) later, my work on and off-stage has shaped what I love to photograph and the way I support my clients.

While the physical gear has changed in astonishing ways over these years (we used to put film into cameras!), my passion for creation and connection through this medium has remained steady.  There's a light - a beauty - within all of us that photography enables us to freeze in time.  I'm a New York City-based photographer here to collaborate with you in finding that light & breathing life into your creative vision.  

Bjorn Bolinder 

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