Background Options

Use these background options as a guide to help plan your wardrobe for your session. (Note that we can photography you in front of more than one of these). 

Don't see something that you'd really love? Send me a message (! I might be able to fix that.

*Be aware that backgrounds in your final images may appear lighter or darker than these color swatches due to posing and lighting variables during your session. It's also possible that even more color options will exist than what you see here.

  • Crimson text
  • Deep Yellow text
  • Olive Green text
  • Teal text
  • Blue Mist text
  • Blue Jean text
  • Plum text
  • Orchid text
  • Coral text
  • Super White text
  • Bone text
  • Mocha text
  • Cocoa text
  • Silver Gray - white text
  • Dove Gray text
  • Black text

Some FAQs about wardrobe (etc):

What should I wear?

Choose colors that feel like you. If you're into bright, go bright! If you prefer a more muted palette, let's embrace that. If there’s a color that wins you praise when you wear it because of how it enhances your eyes or hair or skin tone, bring that! And if you're an actor wanting to be cast in specific roles, be sure to bring in clothing that will help you represent those types in your session.

Are patterns okay?

Generally speaking, I advise my clients to avoid wearing busy patterns. We don't want your clothing to steal the scene from your face. That being said, rules are made to be broken, so if wild patterns are YOUR THING, by all means, wear them! We want you to look like you. You're not here to blend in.

Anything else I should know?

As a general rule, avoid oversized/baggy clothing. Regardless of our comfort in our own skin, oversized clothing renders us shapeless in photos, which tends not to be flattering. If you love a garment that happens to be oversized, we can try clipping some of the excess fabric in a way that helps it to photograph better.

I live with a cat/dog/furry creature. Should I be asking you something relating to this?

Great question. Do the clothes you're bringing in show evidence of your pet(s)? Consider using a lint brush or masking tape (etc.) to de-fur your wardrobe before your session. I do have a lint brush on site, but if you can get this process started, that's hugely helpful. Especially if you'll be wearing anything dark/black. It all shows up - trust me.

What about accessories?

A hat, a jacket/blazer, scarf, some type of hair tie, or a piece of jewelry is an easy way to add variety to your session without taking up a full wardrobe change. 


If you always (or even sometimes) wear glasses, please bring them in. We want to photograph you how you actually look. If you're able to bring in a set of frames with your lenses popped out, that makes lighting/editing all-the-more easy-breezy. (If that isn't possible, don't sweat it - there are workarounds).

Is it cool if my clothes are wrinkled up in a ball when I come over? (Wait. Do people actually ask this or are you being passive aggressive?)

LOL! Touché. I do have a steamer and and iron here, but if you can bring your wardrobe options over RELATIVELY wrinkle-free, that wins you karma points and gives us more time to focus on taking your photos.

Okay. But I'm so indecisive! Help?

Can't figure this out still? Bring a few options! We can decide together! 

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