In early 2015, a dear friend of mine invited me to help out with her (then 2nd grade) daughter Layna's class project.  A couple weeks later I received a life-sized paper doll replica of Layna (made by real Layna, herself) and some further instruction.

The assignment:

Untitled photo

The Results:

*It's worth noting here that Flat Layna joined me for a slew of other un-(photographically)-documented adventures over the course of her stay.  She had very mixed feelings about having to head back to MN.  "But don't worry," she assures me, "I'll be back.  And I'll own this town one day."  

The End...?

*Flat Layna also makes a cameo in this music video I created with my brilliant friend Camela Widad. Here is "My Turn," off of Camela's album "Warriors of Love." (Don't blink around 1:50 or you might miss her).

*Check out more of Camela Widad's music HERE

*And here's a photo of real Layna holding her album of pics from the project.

Untitled photo

*Photo by Sarah, Layna's mom

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  :-)

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